Accessing full-text articles on Docphin

March 3, 2014

accessing full text articles on Docphin


One of the many frustrations facing busy medical professionals are the lack of resources that enable quick access and discovery to relevant medical research.  Even for medical professionals who can access journals through an institutional or hospital affiliation it can take several minutes to retrieve a full-text research article.  The problem is further compounded when attempting to access articles via a mobile device.  

At Docphin, we wanted to create a faster way for medical professionals to gain access to full-text PDFs on the web and through their mobile devices. 

We’ve activated over 500 institutions on Docphin thus far, which means that any affiliated user from one of these institutions can access full-text PDFs with one tap on Docphin.  Simply go to your click on your name in the left-hand navigation of the app (or click the settings icon in the upper right on the web) and choose your institution and enter your credentials to save your proxy.  

We activate new institutions every day, so even if you don’t see your institution on Docphin yet, all we need is a few minutes of your time to activate yours!  If you’d like to activate your institution,  let us know at  We can’t wait to hear from you!