Best of 2013 on Docphin

December 16, 2013

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At Docphin, we are committed to developing technology that accelerates the use of evidence-based medicine in the clinical setting. In 2013, doctors and providers from over 15 countries used Docphin to access more than 1 million research articles. More than two-thirds of engagement came from our iPhone appiPad app, and Android app. Many of the most active users come from the hospitals that use our licensed platform. We’ve gone through all the data and created a list of the Best of 2013 on Docphin. Here’s a countdown of the top 50 most viewed articles on Docphin.

50. Is It Ever Right to Choose Not to Do CPR?
by Christie Aschwanden, Washington Post

49.  Status Update: Whose Photo is That?
by  Karen Michelle Devon, JAMA

48.  Leading Clinicians and Clinicians Leading
by  Richard M J Bohmer, NEJM

47.  The Impossible Workload for Doctors in Training
by  Pauline Chen, New York Times

46.  How to Decide Whether a Clinical Practice Guideline is Trustworthy
by  David F Ransohoff et al, JAMA

45.  Only the Beginning - What’s Next at the Health Insurance Exchanges?
by  Henry J Aaron, NEJM

44.  Removing the “Me” from “MD”.
by  Ravi B Parikh, JAMA

43.  Debating Doctors Compensation
by  Uwe Reinhardt, New York Times

42.  Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet
by  Ramón Estruch et al, NEJM

41.  Doctors Badmouthing Other Doctors
by Pauline Chen, New York Times

0.  Residencies Roll Out New Training System
by Mike Mitka, JAMA

39.  Health Care Needs a Steve Jobs
by Robert Gaboyes, USA Today

38.  Five Things You’re Getting Wrong About Weight and Weight Loss
by Alexandra Sifferlin, Time

37.  When Doctors Tell Patients What They Don’t Want to Hear
by Lisa Rosenbaum, The New Yorker

36.  10,000 Hours May Not Make a Master After All
by Maia Szalavitz, Time

35.  This is Your Brain on Coffee
by Gretchen Reynolds, New York Times

34.  Fever of Unknown Origin or Fever of Too Many Origins
by Harold W. Horowitz, New England Journal of Medicine

33.  Should Physician Pay Be Tied to Performance?
by Wall Street Journal

32.  The Composition of Intern Work While on Call
by Eugene Z Oddone, Journal of General Internal Medicine

31.  The Lies We Tell in the Exam Room
by Abigail Zugar, New York Times

30.  Googling a Patient
by Rebecca Volpe et al, The Hastings Report

29.  Should We Google It? Resource Use by Internal Medicine Residents for Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Making
by Alisa Duran-Nelson et al, Academic Medicine

28.  For New Doctors, 8 Minutes Per Patient
by Pauline Chen, New York Times

27.  Service: An Essential Component of Graduate Medical Education
by Jennifer C. Kesselheim et al, New England Journal of Medicine 

26.  Compensation of Chief Executive Officers at Nonprofit US Hospitals
by Karen E. Joynt et al, JAMA Internal Medicine

25.  The Residency Mismatch
by John Iglehart, New England Journal of Medicine

24.  Pitfalls with Smartphones in Medicine
by  Donald A Redelmeier et al, Journal of General Internal Medicine

23.  "Good" Patients and "Difficult" Patients - Rethinking Our Definitions
by  Louie Aronson, New England Journal of Medicine

22.  Healing the Overwhelmed Physician
by  Jerry Avorn, New York Times

21.  Health-Care Apps That Doctors Use
by  Jeanne Whalen, Wall Street Journal

20.  The Darkest Year of Medical School
by  Danielle Ofri, Slate

19. The 3-Year Medical School - Change or Shortchange?
by  Stanley Goldfarb et al, New England Journal of Medicine

18. Why Doctors Need to be More Like Malcolm Gladwell
by  Kevin Pho, KevinMD

17. Meet the Safest Man in America to Have Sex With
by  Alice Truong, Fast Company

16. Teaching physicians to care amid chaos
by  Allen Detsky et al, Journal of the American Medical Association

15. The Biggest Mistake Doctors Make
by  Laura Landro, Wall Street Journal

14. Are We in a Medical Education Bubble Market?
by  David Asch et al, New England Journal of Medicine

13. Uncertainty Is Hard for Doctors
by  Danielle Ofri, New York Times

12. The Gulf Between Doctors and Nurse Practitioners
by  Pauline Chen, New York Times

11. Why Are Hospital CEOs Paid So Well?
by  Richard Gunderman, The Atlantic

10. Why I Changed My Mind on Weed
by  Sanjay Gupta, CNN

9. What Happened to the Doctors’ Lounge?
by  Richard Gunderman, The Atlantic

8. The Case for Changing How Doctors Work
by  Celine Gounder, The New Yorker

7. How Doctors Die: Showing Others the Way
by  Dan Gorenstein, New York Times 

6. White Coat Hype: Branding Physicians with Professional Attire
by  Mary Catherine Beach et al, JAMA Internal Medicine

5. Treating Acute Venous Thromboembolism - Shift with Care
by  Mary Cushman, New England Journal of Medicine

4. It’s Not You, Doctors Are Just Rude
by  Alexandra Sifferlin, Time

3. Why Doesn’t Medical Care Get Better When Doctors Rest More?
by  Lisa Rosenbaum, The New Yorker

2. Myths, Presumptions, and Facts About Obesity
by Krista Casazza, New England Journal of Medicine

1. States of Health
by Atul Gawande, The New Yorker