Docphin Top Ten - February

March 2, 2015

docphin top ten

For many of us, we'll remember February as one of the coldest on record.  But the frigid temperatures were certainly not the only topics to grab headlines this month.  We take a look back at the top 10 articles viewed on Docphin.  

Here's February #DocphinTop10:

10. Digital Multimedia: A New Approach for Informed Consent?

Tait AR, Voepel-Lewis T, Journal of the American Medical Association

9. Exercising Judgment: No, More Running Probably Isn’t Bad for You

New York Times - Health

8. When A Patient Says 'Everything's Fine,' A Doctor Should Be Wary

NPR Health

7. Why Drugs Cost So Much

New York Times Health

6. Should We Practice What We Profess? Care near the End of Life.

Pizzo PA, Walker DM?, New England Journal of Medicine

5. Why are some doctors in the anti-vaccination movement?

CNN - Health

4. The Evolution of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT Exam)

Pigg T, Kroopnick M, Academic Medicine

3. Doctor, Have You Had Your DNA Tested?

New York Times Health

2. Being like Mike - Fear, Trust, and the Tragic Death of Michael Davidson

Rosenbaum L, New England Journal of Medicine

1. Accuracy of Smartphone Applications and Wearable Devices for Tracking Physical Activity Data.

Case MA, Burwick HA, Volpp KG, Patel MS, Journal of the American Medical Association

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