Personalizing your Journals on Docphin!

February 28, 2014


Its no secret that it can be challenging for busy medical professionals to keep up with the massive amounts of new research that is published today.  In fact, the amount of research being disseminated today is 10x that of a decade ago.  

One of the reasons we started Docphin was to make it easier to keep up with the journals and topics that were most relevant to you.  One way you can do that easily on Docphin is by personalizing your “My Journals” section.

We’ll help you get started by pre-populating a few journals based on your specialty but if you’d like to add/edit the list, follow these simple steps below on either web or any of our mobile apps (iOS & Android)

1) Click on the “+” sign in the upper left of your my journals tab on your app (on the web click on the gear icon in the upper right)

2) Choose “Add” if you would like to add any journals or “Edit” if you’d like re-order your current journals list

3) Once you’ve updated your list, click “Done” and you are all set!

Happy Docphining! Let us know if you have any questions by sending us a note at  We can’t wait to hear from you!