The Docphin Top Ten - January 2015

February 3, 2015


For the last two years, we've released a list of Docphin's Top 50 articles of the year, which highlight the most viewed articles by physicians on Docphin.  Many of our members have asked us to release a monthly list of most viewed articles on Docphin, so we are excited to announce the first installment of the Docphin Ten.  Each month, we'll crunch the numbers and provide you with the top 10 articles the medical community was buzzing about.  

Here's January's #DocphinTop10:

10. Professional E-mail Communication Among Health Care Providers: Proposing Evidence-Based Guidelines.

Malka ST, Kessler CS, Abraham J, Emmet TW, Wilbur L, Academic Medicine

9. What Makes a Top Research Medical School? A Call for a New Model to Evaluate Academic Physicians and Medical School Performance.

Goldstein MJ, Lunn MR, Peng L, Academic Medicine

8. Skip Your Annual Physical

New York Times Health

7. Why Drugs Cost So Much

New York Times Health

6. Welcome to (Your Name Here) Medical School

New York Times Health

5. Investigations Before Examinations: "This Is How We Practice Medicine Here"

Sah S, JAMA Internal Medicine

4. Boarded to Death - Why Maintenance of Certification Is Bad for Doctors and Patients.

Teirstein PS, New England Journal of Medicine

3. Doctor, Shut Up and Listen

New York Times Health

2. Wearable Devices as Facilitators, Not Drivers, of Health Behavior Change.

Patel MS, Asch DA, Volpp KG, Journal of the American Medical Association

1. Addressing the Challenge of Gray-Zone Medicine.

Chandra A, Khullar D, Lee TH, New England Journal of Medicine

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