[Intraductal papilloma of the parotid gland].

Laryngo- rhino- otologie

PubMedID: 10439352

Brehmer D, Hohbach M, Laubert A. [Intraductal papilloma of the parotid gland]. Laryngorhinootologie. 1999;78(6):332-4.
This rare intraductal papilloma of the salivary glands is classified as an adenoma of the subgroup ductal papillomas. The nature of intraductal papillomas has not been fully researched. It is assumed that the intraductal papilloma arises from the excretory duct reserve cell population. Since the lesion was first described, 9 cases have been reported.

An additional case of intraductal papillomas of the parotid gland is presented: a 62-year-old woman with a solid and well displaceable tumor of the left preauricular region. After a standard superficial parotidectomy was performed the histological examination revealed an intraductal papilloma.

The case represents the first published case in German literature. This study presents a review of the literature and a discussion of the histopathologic characteristics and possible histogenesis of the intraductal papilloma. Regular follow-up has not revealed any recurrence of the disease 15 months after resection. The treatment of choice is local excision or removal.