Fruits of the actinidia genus.

Advances in food and nutrition research

PubMedID: 17425948

Nishiyama I. Fruits of the actinidia genus. Adv Food Nutr Res. 2007;52293-324.
Kiwifruit is the most well-known crop in the genus Actinidia. Although Actinidia fruit sales in the international market are dominated by a single kiwifruit cultivar Actinidia deliciosa "Hayward," there are a considerable number of cultivars and selections in the genus that have widely diverse shape, size, and hairiness. They also offer a wide variation in sensory attributes such as flesh color, flavor, and taste, and in nutritional attributes such as the vitamin C level and carotenoid content. The level of actinidin, which is a cysteine protease in kiwifruit, also varies greatly among cultivars. This chapter reviews available information related to several important components, allergenic properties, and health benefits of Actinidia fruits.