Three cases of distomolars.

The Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College

PubMedID: 24521552

Ohata H, Hayashi K, Iwamoto M, Muramatsu K, Watanabe A, Narita M, Suga K, Takano N, Shibahara T. Three cases of distomolars. Bull Tokyo Dent Coll. 2014;54(4):259-64.
The Frequency with which impacted supernumerary teeth are encountered in a clinical setting is relatively high, with the majority of such cases occurrig in the median maxillary region, and very few in the molar region. In the molar region, mandibular distomolars (fourth molars) are very rare. Although a small number of case reports have described impacted supernumerary distomolars, very few have compared third molars and distomolars. Herein, the authors report two cases involving mandibular distomolars and one case a maxillary distomolar. In each of these cases, the third molar and distomolar were extracted and a macroscopic morphological analysis conducted. The results were then compared with those of the latest available literature.