BET 3: Can metronomes improve CPR quality?

Emergency Medicine Journal : EMJ

PubMedID: 24532360

Targett C. BET 3: Can metronomes improve CPR quality?. Emerg Med J. 2014;31(3):251-4.
A short cut review was carried out to establish whether metronomes can improve the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 38 papers were found using the reported searches, none of which directly addressed the problem but some 21 presented the best evidence to answer the clinical question. The author, date and country of publication, patient group studied, study type, relevant outcomes, results and study weaknesses of those best papers are tabulated. It is concluded that the use of metronomes to guide the rate at which external chest compressions are delivered is associated with improved rates closer to those recommended in the current resuscitation guidelines.