[Unknown pathogens from the human oral microflora of interest for otorhinolaryngology.]

Vestnik otorinolaringologii

PubMedID: 24577029

Tets VV, Tets GV, Vikina DS, Vecherovskaia MF, Kharlamova VV. [Unknown pathogens from the human oral microflora of interest for otorhinolaryngology.]. Vestn Otorinolaringol. 2014;(1):33-36.
The identification of microorganisms from the human oral cavity is a topical problem in many clinical disciplines including otorhinolaryngology. Many bacterial species of oral microbiota are causative agents of ENT diseases, and poor conditions of the oral cavity, unhealthy teeth and gums increase the risk of the spread of infection. The objective of the present study was to distinguish and identify poorly explored and previously unknown aerobic opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms responsible for various ENT disorders. The normal microflora remains to be thoroughly studied with the use of the new culturing techniques that ensure the isolation of pure microbial cultures. The present publication reports for the first time isolation of the stable mixed microbial biofilms formed by unrelated bacterial species and containing the yet unknown microorganisms. The isolated bacteria were identified as previously unknown or poorly unexplored anaerobic opportunistic species capable of inducing ENT pathology; their sensitivity to antibiotics was evaluatied.