G0W0 band structure of CdWO4.

Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal

PubMedID: 24599225

Laasner R. G0W0 band structure of CdWO4. J Phys Condens Matter. 2014;26(12):125503.
The full quasiparticle band structure of CdWO4 is calculated within the single-shot GW (G0W0) approximation using maximally localized Wannier functions, which allows one to assess the validity of the commonly used scissor operator. Calculations are performed using the Godby-Needs plasmon pole model and the accurate contour deformation technique. It is shown that while the two methods yield identical band gap energies, the low-lying states are given inaccurately by the plasmon pole model. We report a band gap energy of 4.94 eV, including spin-orbit interaction at the DFT-LDA (density functional theory-local density approximation) level. Quasiparticle renormalization in CdWO4 is shown to be correlated with localization distance. Electron and hole effective masses are calculated at the DFT and G0W0 levels.