[Acute rhinosinusitis: diagnostics and treatment].

Vestnik otorinolaringologii

PubMedID: 24600714

Lazarevich IA, Kozlov VS. [Acute rhinosinusitis: diagnostics and treatment]. Vestn Otorinolaringol. 2014;(5):88-92.
Acute rhinosinusitis is a challenging clinical problem due to its high prevalence. The overwhelming majority of the cases of acute rhinosinusitis (ARS) have viral etiology. Clinical manifestations of viral and bacterial rhinosinusitis can be very similar. Similar expert communities have proposed their recommendations on diagnostics and treatment of acute rhinosinusitis in the recent decade. These recommendations are underlain by the principles of evidence-based medicine, take into consideration the result of reliable investigations, and reflect the opinions of leading specialists in otorhinolaryngology, allergology and immunology. The present review contains the analysis of consensus documents and recommendations. The results of ongoing research provide convincing evidence of the effectiveness of intranasal application of corticosteroids in the patients presenting with acute rhinosinusitis. Antibacterial therapy of acute rhinosinusitis is indicated only in the case of severe or complicated clinical course of the disease.