New developments in 'ene'-reductase catalysed biological hydrogenations.

Current opinion in chemical biology

PubMedID: 24608082

Toogood HS, Scrutton NS. New developments in 'ene'-reductase catalysed biological hydrogenations. Curr Opin Chem Biol. 2014;19C107-115.
Asymmetric biocatalytic hydrogenations are important reactions performed primarily by members of the Old Yellow Enzyme family. These reactions have great potential in the chemosynthesis of a variety of industrially useful synthons due to the generation of up to two stereogenic centres. In this review, additional enzyme classes capable of asymmetric hydrogenations will be discussed, as will examples of multienzyme cascading reactions. New and improved technology that enhances the commercial viability of biotransformations are included, such as the nicotinamide coenzyme-independent reactions. This review will focus on progress in this field within the last two years, with emphasis on industrial applications of this technology.