Coccidiomycosis presenting as a popliteal cyst.


PubMedID: 9486343

Wascher DC, Hartman GP, Salka C, Mertz GJ. Coccidiomycosis presenting as a popliteal cyst. Arthroscopy. 1998;14(1):99-102.
Coccidiomycosis is a fungal infection that primarily causes pulmonary disease. Extrapulmonary dissemination can occur to the musculoskeletal system with the knee joint most frequently involved. This case report describes a patient with coccidiomycosis whose initial presentation was of a popliteal cyst. The need for aggressive surgical and antibiotic treatment to eradicate this infection is discussed. Coccidiomycosis should be considered in a differential diagnosis of patients with popliteal cysts without other obvious etiologies.