[Genetic aspects of silicosis: polymorphic gene distribution frequency].

Vestnik Rossiiskoi akademii meditsinskikh nauk / Rossiiskaia akademiia meditsinskikh nauk

PubMedID: 9662990

Kuz'mina LP, Spitsyn VA, Tarasova LA, Milishnikova VV. [Genetic aspects of silicosis: polymorphic gene distribution frequency]. Vestn Akad Med Nauk SSSR. 1998;(5):7-10.
Electrophoresis and isoelectrofocusing were used to study polymorphism by 7 genetic loci: haptoglobin (Hp), proteinase inhibitor (PI), transferrin (TF), Vitamin D-transporting protein (GC), complement 3 (C3), phosphoglucomutase 1 (PGM1) and glyoxalase (GLO1) in 60 patients with silicosis and in 70 apparently healthy workers of the Dynamo plant. Comparison of the study groups by significant differences in the summary of the genetic information obtained suggests that 5 (Hp, C3, TF, PI, PGM1) of the 7 studied systems showed the hereditary features of silicosis. The gene carriers Hp*2, C3*F, PGM1*2-, PI*M1, TF*C1, TF*C16 TF*D, GC*R due to peculiar biochemical processes appear to have less adaptive potentialities and a greater likelihood of the disease on exposure to industrial factors.