Regulation and execution of meiosis in Drosophila males.

Current topics in developmental biology

PubMedID: 9352190

Maines J, Wasserman S. Regulation and execution of meiosis in Drosophila males. Curr Top Dev Biol. 1997;37301-32.
In this chapter we review the regulation and execution of the meiotic cell divisions in the context of the developmental program that comprises Drosophila spermatogenesis. Male germ line cells undergoing meiosis are readily identifiable and are of a size and abundance that makes this system well suited for morphological characterizations of cell division. Furthermore, a wide range of molecular genetic techniques are available, facilitating mechanistic investigations. We present an overview of key stages in spermatogenesis and, in particular, meiosis. We consider the pathways controlling entry into the meiotic divisions in the context of established cell cycle regulators as well as newly identified loci required for meiotic entry. We then review the assembly and function of both the meiotic spindle and the contractile ring. We conclude with a consideration of questions and problems that await further investigation.