[Medical use of artificial neural networks].

Orvosi hetilap

PubMedID: 9454109

Molnár B, Papik K, Schaefer R, Dombóvári Z, Fehér J, Tulassay Z. [Medical use of artificial neural networks]. Orv Hetil. 1998;139(1):3-9.
The main aim of the research in medical diagnostics is to develop more exact, cost-effective and handsome systems, procedures and methods for supporting the clinicians. In their paper the authors introduce a new method that recently came into the focus referred to as artificial neural networks. Based on the literature of the past 5-6 years they give a brief review--highlighting the most important ones--showing the idea behind neural networks, what they are used for in the medical field. The definition, structure and operation of neural networks are discussed. In the application part they collect examples in order to give an insight in the neural network application research. It is emphasised that in the near future basically new diagnostic equipment can be developed based on this new technology in the field of ECG, EEG and macroscopic and microscopic image analysis systems.