Otogenic tetanus: case series.

West African journal of medicine

PubMedID: 23468033

Ugwu GI, Okolugbo NE. Otogenic tetanus: case series. West Afr J Med. 2013;31(4):277-9.
Otogenic tetanus is rare and even when they occur, they present mainly as cephalic tetanus. Chronic suppurative Otitis media and injudicious attempt to remove foreign bodies with resultant tissue damage are main predisposing factors.

Case notes of all the patients who presented with tetanus at the pediatric ward of the Central hospital Warri Nigeria following ear infections and foreign body in the ears in 2008 were retrieved.

Four cases were seen. All had generalized tetanus. Two patients had chronic suppurative Otitis media while one patient had a traumatic removal of a foreign body. The last patient developed tetanus following treatment of his ear discharge with native gin.

Health education is still very necessary with emphasis on complete immunization. Children less than three years should not be unnecessarily exposed to foreign bodies. Early referral to Otorhinolaryngologists for patients with chronic Otitis media or foreign bodies in the ear is advised.