Plans established or maintained pursuant to collective bargaining agreements under section 3(40)(A)--Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration. Notice of intent to form a negotiated rulemaking advisory committee.

Federal register

PubMedID: 10179313

The Department of Labor (Department) intends to form a Negotiated Rulemaking Advisory Committee (Committee) in accordance with the Negotiated Rulemaking Act of 1990 and the Federal Advisory Committee Act. The Committee will negotiate the development of a proposed rule implementing the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended, 29 U.S.C. 1001-1461 (ERISA). The purpose of the proposed rule is to establish a process and criteria for a finding by the Secretary of Labor that an agreement is a collective bargaining agreement for purposes of section 3(40) of ERISA. The proposed rule will also provide guidance for determining when an employee benefit plan is established or maintained under or pursuant to such an agreement. Employee benefit plans that are established or maintained for the purpose of providing benefits to the employees of more than one employer are "multiple employer welfare arrangements" under section 3(40) of ERISA, and therefore are subject to certain state regulations, unless they meet one of the exceptions set forth in section 3(40)(A). At issue in this regulation is the exception for plans or arrangements that are established or maintained under one or more agreements which the Secretary finds to be collective bargaining agreements. If adopted, the proposed rule would affect employee welfare benefit plans, their sponsors, participants and beneficiaries, as well as service providers to plans. It may also affect plan fiduciaries, unions, employer organizations, the insurance industry, and state insurance regulators.