Differential display and protein quantification.


PubMedID: 17432266

Brunner E, Gerrits B, Scott M, Roschitzki B. Differential display and protein quantification. EXS. 2007;97115-40.
High-throughput quantitation of proteins is of essential importance for all systems biology approaches and provides complementary information on steady-state gene expression and perturbation-induced systems responses. This information is necessary because it is, e.g., difficult to predict protein concentrations from the level of mRNAs, since regulatory processes at the posttranscriptional level adjust protein concentrations to prevailing conditions. Despite its importance, quantitative proteomics is still a challenging task because of the high dynamic range of protein concentrations in the cell and the variation in the physical properties of proteins. In this chapter we review the current status of, and options for, protein quantification in high-throughput experiments and discuss the suitability and limitations of different existing methods.