[State of the art in coronary angioplasty].

Revista portuguesa de cardiologia : orgao oficial da Sociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologia = Portuguese journal of cardiology : an official journal of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology

PubMedID: 9865093

Gottschall CA. [State of the art in coronary angioplasty]. Rev Port Cardiol. 1998;17(10):823-41.
Based on a literature overview and on his personal experience with the method, the author analyzes the different phases in the evolution of coronary angioplasty, its indications and limitations in the contemporary setting, as well as the impact of new devices. He emphasizes: the value of the balloon as a basic instrument, followed by the stent; the various attitudes related to the technique; prevention and management of complications during and after the procedure; development, prediction and management of coronary restenosis.