Suicide attempts and job insecurity: a complex association.

European psychiatry : the journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists

PubMedID: 19706266

Chastang F, Rioux P, Dupont I, Baranger E, Kovess V, Zarifian E. Suicide attempts and job insecurity: a complex association. Eur Psychiatry. 1998;13(7):359-64.
Since Durkheim, epidemiological studies have revealed a significant, complex association between unemployment and suicidal behaviour. The aim of this study was to analyse the relationship between parasuicide and job instability, including unemployment, French social measures against unemployment and occasional work.

Demographic data, personal and familial characteristics were collected in 541 suicide attempters.

Seventy-seven per cent were socially active, with 61.5% in regular employment, and 38.5% in precarious employment. The female-to-male ratio approached 2 in the securely employed sample, and fell to 1 for those with poor social and professional integration. Depression, parasuicide, and alcohol abuse were more common in the families of repeaters in secure employment. The impact of the familial psychiatric background was no longer significant in the job insecurity group. Fostering in childhood was a risk factor for repeat suicidal behaviour in the group with job insecurity.