[Persistent hyperplastic primary posterior vitreous].

Oftalmologia (Bucharest, Romania : 1990)

PubMedID: 9409971

Munteanu G. [Persistent hyperplastic primary posterior vitreous]. Oftalmologia. 1997;41(3):238-44.
The clinical study done on 19 cases with posterior primitive vitreous persistency and hyperplasia showed the predilection affectation of youth (average age: 11.2 year old), the frequent lateral localization (17 cases), microcornea (7 eyes), hypermetropia (average value + 3D). The visual acuity was between 1 and unregistered device values, being a function of the papillar ant retinal lesion extension. The ophthalmoscopical aspect was balanced, from a simple prepapillar veil to complex ophthalmological syndromes. Etiopathogenetically, the affection is considered to be a embryogenesis flaw, appeared in the development of the primary hyaloid-vitreous complex, described by an incomplete resorption and a hyperplasia of its elements. The problems of differential diagnosis and treatment are extensively presented.