[Mandibular fracture in an infant].

Fogorvosi szemle

PubMedID: 9064236

Alberth M, Szilágyi Z, Póti S, Redl P. [Mandibular fracture in an infant]. Fogorv Sz. 1997;90(2):49-53.
Maxillofacial fractures under 10 years of age are uncommon, with an occurrence of 7.3%. Isolated fractures of the mandible are even more rare, due to the fact that in young children the mandible is relatively small and resilient. Some authors suggest that the occurrence of this form of fracture is about 1-5%. Different methods have been described for treatment of fractures off the mandible in children. In the therapy since the introduction of titanium mini plates the trend has been to select surgical repositioning followed by osteosynthesis. This paper describes the management of a 7-month old boy with isolated mandibular fracture, using this method to avoid the damage of the tooth germs. This particular case raises the issue of child abuse, which is on the increase in Hungary as well. To find a kind of solution would be not only a task of dentists but also of society in general.