Biological laser action.

Applied optics

PubMedID: 21085301

Wang L, Liu D, He N, Jacques SL, Thomsen SL. Biological laser action. Appl Opt. 1996;35(10):1775-9.
The narrowing of the spectral linewidth and the increasing of the peak intensity characteristic of laser action were observed in emission spectra of dye-infused biological tissues. The tissue was infused with a solution of Rhodamine 640 perchlorate in ethanol and then excited with frequency-doubled Q-switched Nd:YAG laser pulses. The dependence of emission linewidth on the excitation radiant exposure and dye concentration was investigated. Laser action was also observed in biologically compatible fluorescein sodium dye dissolved in phosphate-buffered saline mixed with scattering polystyrene spheres. The sharp spectral peaks of laser action in tissues may find applications in the detection of superficial disease.