Surgical therapy for pulmonary hydatidosis.

International surgery

PubMedID: 8912091

Taha AM, Shabb B, Nassar H. Surgical therapy for pulmonary hydatidosis. Int Surg. 1997;81(2):187-8.
Surgical treatment of pulmonary hydatidosis varies from one country to another. Whereas some reports describe marsupialization of the residual cavity others favor capitonnage (imbrication) to decrease complications and hospital stay. Post operative complications and hospital stay were compared in a retrospective study of 53 patients treated surgically at the American University Hospital over a period of 10 years. Forty eight cysts were treated by evacuation after chemical sterilization. Fifteen were marsupialized and 33 were imbricated. Five were excised with lung parenchyma, 5 were delivered intact and one cyst was treated by lobectomy. There was no postoperative mortality. There was no statistical difference in the hospital stay or the complication rate between the marsupialized and imbricated cases. Both imbrication and marsupialization are equally effective methods of treatment of pulmonary hydatid cysts. Anatomic resection is rarely required.