Chromosomal aberrations in lymphocytes from car painters.

Mutation research

PubMedID: 8637507

Silva JM, Santos-Mello R. Chromosomal aberrations in lymphocytes from car painters. Mutat Res. 1996;368(1):21-5.
In the present paper we report the results of biological monitoring of a group of 25 car painters working in different automobile shops in Brasília. There was a significantly higher frequency of aneuplodies and chromosome deletions in the peripheral lymphocytes of car painters than in control subjects. We also detected a significant correlation between the time worked as a car painter and the frequency of aneuploidy. Smoking habits do not represent a significant factor in terms of production of the various types of chromosome aberrations among car painters. These results permitted us to conclude that the individuals studied represent a risk group and should be medically followed up with judicious periodic examinations.