Diabetic pulmonary microangiopathy - fact or fiction?

Endokrynologia Polska

PubMedID: 21528480

Kuziemski K, Specjalski K, Jassem E. Diabetic pulmonary microangiopathy - fact or fiction?. Endokrynol Pol. 2011;62(2):171-6.
Elevated levels of serum glucose have deleterious effects on the walls of blood vessels, leading to microangiopathy. Such a destructive process involves also pulmonary circulation, where it is referred to as diabetic pulmonary microangiopathy. This hypothesis has been confirmed in histopathologic examinations of pulmonary parenchyma, as well as in pulmonary function tests. However, so far there have been no clinical implications of these findings. Another phenomenon requiring further discussion involves diabetics with clinically silent respiratory dysfunction. That may result from significant vascular and ventilation reserves that compensate for partial loss of pulmonary parenchyma in the course of diabetes. In this review, we present an overview of the available publications on pulmonary microangiopathy and its influence on the functioning of the respiratory system.