[History of laser in BPH therapy.]


PubMedID: 24665033

Grande M, Facchini F, Moretti M, Larosa M, Leone M, Ziglioli F, Pozzoli GL, Frattini A. [History of laser in BPH therapy.]. Urologia. 2014;0(0):0.
Laser technology has been used in the treatment of BPH for more than 15-20 years in order to challenge transurethral resection of the prostate. The aim of this review article is to analyze the evolution of laser in BPH therapy, from early coagulative techniques - progressively abandoned for their elevated postoperative morbidity and unfavorable outcomes - to the newer techniques of vaporization, resection and enucleation of the prostate. A better comprehension of tissue-laser interactions, the improvement of laser technology and a growing clinical experience have lead to the development of different laser systems (Holmium, KTP, Thulium laser) that challenge TURP. Today, HoLEP and, secondarily, PVP are the laser techniques supported by more clinical evidences and represent valid alternatives to TURP.