Trophic factor response to neuronal stimuli or injury.

Current opinion in neurobiology

PubMedID: 7580158

Isackson PJ. Trophic factor response to neuronal stimuli or injury. Curr Opin Neurobiol. 1995;5(3):350-7.
Neurotrophic factors are produced by CNS neurons, and have both paracrine and autocrine activities. In nerve cells, expression of neurotrophic factors is regulated by physiological afferent activity, which implies that these factors play a role in activity-dependent plasticity and survival. Neurotrophic factor levels are also altered following injury, which suggests that they play a part in the neurodegenerative response and synaptic reorganization as well. Recent studies have examined extensively the regulation and functional roles of the neurotrophin family, and have also identified other neurotrophic factors present in brain that are regulated by different, as well as similar mechanisms.