Product evaluation: theoretical and practical considerations.

Australian critical care : official journal of the Confederation of Australian Critical Care Nurses

PubMedID: 7620269

Elliott D, Hollins B. Product evaluation: theoretical and practical considerations. Aust Crit Care. 1995;8(2):14-9.
Products and equipment consume a substantial proportion of hospital or health service budgets. This is particularly the case in areas which use a high volume of consumables and technology, such as critical care. With cost containment strategies widely in force, the issue of using cost effective, quality products is becoming increasingly important. Hence, the evaluation of products should follow an objective and scientific process. This paper initially examines the theoretical basis of the cost/quality model, and compares product evaluation to the problem-solving and quantitative research processes. A flow diagram is then presented along with some practical considerations for achieving optimal quality and cost effectiveness in the evaluation of products.