[Public health issues of Roma and non-Roma unemployed persons in the Ózd microregion].

Orvosi hetilap

PubMedID: 24704770

Hegedus I, Morvai V, Rudnai P, Szakmáry E, Paksy A, Ungváry G. [Public health issues of Roma and non-Roma unemployed persons in the Ózd microregion]. Orv Hetil. 2014;155(15):582-9.
Introduction: In their previous studies authors of the present work showed that public health situation and socioeconomic position of unemployed Roma persons in the Ozd microregion were well below the average of the whole Hungarian population. Aim: To continue these previous studies, the authors wanted to determine whether the greater proportion of the unemployed Roma persons in the Ózd microregion compared to the country average could contribute to the worse public health situation and the poor hygienic situation of the living environment of unemployed persons hardly or not suitable for learning. Method: Data from 400 unemployed Roma (96 males, 97 females) and caucasian non-Roma subjects (114 males, 93 females) obtained in 2012 and 2013 using self-completed and interview questionnaires were analysed. In addition, occupational medical examination methods were applied and the results were analysed. Results: It was found that all studied parameters (public health and epidemiological safety, in-door living environmental hygiene, conditions for learning) indicated significantly disadvantaged situation of the Roma compared to the non-Roma unemployed persons. There was a clear relationship between these examined parameters and other factors adversely influencing the quality of life of Roma persons (unemployment, deep poverty, lower level of education, shorter life span). Finally, the results showed that the quality of life conditions of the lowest 1/10, 1/5 of the non-Roma unemployed persons were comparable to those found in the average of Roma unemployed persons. Conclusions: The authors conclude that i) the greater proportion of unemployed Roma persons in the Ozd microregion contributes to the worse public health, epidemiological safety and the worse living conditions of unemployed persons in this regions of the country; ii) It would be essential to provide Roma persons with conditions appropriate for learning, which could enable them to get qualification necessary for employment. Orv. Hetil., 2014, 155(15), 582-589.