Ocular dysfunction during the amytal suppression test.


PubMedID: 8232854

DeToledo J, Smith DB, Stanulis R. Ocular dysfunction during the amytal suppression test. Neuropsychologia. 1993;31(9):985-7.
We assessed the following parameters of visual function in 16 patients during amytal suppression test (AST): pupillary light response, consensual reflex, pupillary symmetry, monocular reading and monocular visual recognition. Significant visual impairment in the eye ipsilateral to injection (EII) occurred in 7 of 16 patients ranging from blurring to complete, transient loss of vision. We conclude that visual dysfunction of the EII during the AST is common and represents an important component of the test. Intracarotid amytal reaches the EII via ophthalmic artery and probably impairs vision in the EII due to cycloplegia, iridoplegia and retinal suppression.