The selectivity of some fungal lipases.

Communications in agricultural and applied biological sciences

PubMedID: 24757816

Adamczak M, Bednarski W. The selectivity of some fungal lipases. Commun Agric Appl Biol Sci. 2014;68(2 Pt B):645-8.
Selectivity is one of the most important lipase properties which depends on a wide range of factors. In order to choose the right enzyme for a special purpose, it is necessary to check its selectivity. Fatty acid selectivity of lipases determined for natural substrales was different from that determined for p-nitrophenyl esters and those determined for each substrate. Enantoiselectivity of lipase from Mucor circinelloides (MCL) determined for 2 was over 100 (E > > 100). In this case, inversion of enantiopreferences was observed; the conversion was 10% and (R)-alcohol was preferentially produced