[Dr. Johann Scheifler (1612-1671) and his library. A prosopographic study].

Sudhoffs Archiv

PubMedID: 2145667

Littger KW. [Dr. Johann Scheifler (1612-1671) and his library. A prosopographic study]. Sudhoffs Arch. 1990;74(1):75-103.
The University Library of Eichstätt holds a private collection of about 460 volumes of the electoral Munich personal physician Dr. Johann Scheifler (1612-1671). Most likely, it was acquired from the prince bishop of Eichstätt in the early 18th century. The biography of Johann Scheifler was almost unknown until now. Some notes may be found in the medical literature of the 17th and 18th centuries. In particular, the Munich librarian A. F. von Oefele recorded some data in his manuscripts: however, many of them are incorrect. Hence it was necessary to consult archival documents as well as notes in Scheifler's own manuscripts, for example on the lectures he attended in the Jesuit College of Munich in 1633-1636, as well as in his handwritten exlibris where he left various self-portrayals. From his manuscripts we may also learn the nature of his patients. The second part of this paper discusses the origin of Scheifler's library. Scheifler never acquired larger collections, but he received many individual volumes from well known persons, especially physicians. It may well be that his library reflects the ambition of the son of a tailor who, as a "homo novus", hoped to take his place in the circle of the highest physicians. In 1656 he achieved this when he was appointed electoral personal physician, and also in 1671 when his son was appointed professor of medicine at the University of Ingolstadt.