[School phobic behavior--etiologic conditions and follow-up].

Praxis der Kinderpsychologie und Kinderpsychiatrie

PubMedID: 2315273

Lotzgeselle M. [School phobic behavior--etiologic conditions and follow-up]. Prax Kinderpsychol Kinderpsychiatr. 1990;39(1):18-25.
The histories, results as well as treatment and courses of 38 children and juveniles (25 boys, 13 girls) with schoolphobic behaviour were exposed and analysed with regard to there aetiological and improvement circumstances. In 34 pupils (63%) schoolphobic behaviour was an expression of a depressive state demanding appropriate treatment, usually antidepressant drugs. In those 14 pupils (10 boys, 4 girls) who did not suffer from a depressive state the following subgroups were established: 1 Pupil with decisive school problems (lack of achievements, problems in relating towards schoolmates). 2 Pupils with a decisive conflict (ambivalence between dependence and independence). In these pupils schoolphobic behaviour was preceded by a change of there school or form respectively their schoolmates. 3 Pupils with decisive psychosocial interactions. As a distinguished constellation which might be another factor in the aetiology of schoolphobic behaviour the reactivation of oedipal conflicts was exposed. This applies to pupils with and without depressive states. In all pupils with repeated schoolphobic behaviour depressive states were diagnosed. Whenever the onset of schoolphobic behaviour led to a change of school form prolonged avoiding of the school was the result.