Anticonvulsant activity of some 4-methoxy- and 4-chlorobenzanilides.

Journal of pharmaceutical sciences

PubMedID: 2338630

Clark CR, McMillian CL. Anticonvulsant activity of some 4-methoxy- and 4-chlorobenzanilides. J Pharm Sci. 1990;79(3):220-2.
A series of mono-, di-, and trimethylated derivatives of 4-chloro- and 4-methoxybenzanilide was synthesized and evaluated for anticonvulsant activity. This series was prepared in the course of studies designed to examine the relationship between anticonvulsant effects and benzamide structure. The compounds were tested in mice against seizures induced by maximal electroshock (MES) and pentylenetetrazole (scMet), as well as with the rotorod assay for neurologic deficit. In mice dosed intraperitoneally, 4-methoxy-2, 6-dimethylbenzanilide (4) showed a median anticonvulsant potency (ED50) of 18.58 mg/kg in the MES test and a median toxicity (TD50) of 133.72 mg/kg in the rotorod toxicity assay, yielding a protective index (PI = TD50/ED50) of 7.2. In mice dosed orally with 4, the anti-MES ED50 was 27.40 mg/kg and the TD50 dose was determined to be 342.58 mg/kg, resulting in a protective index of 12.5.