Virulence of Curvularia in a murine model.


PubMedID: 23437873

Paredes K, Capilla J, Sutton DA, Mayayo E, Fothergill AW, Guarro J. Virulence of Curvularia in a murine model. Mycoses. 2013;56(5):512-5.
We have evaluated the virulence of two clinically relevant species of Curvularia; Curvularia spicifera and C. hawaiiensis, using an experimental model of disseminated infection in immunocompromised mice. Several inocula were tested over a range 1 × 10(3) -1 × 10(6) colony-forming units/animal. Both species had a similar behaviour, producing a high mortality. Tissue burden and histopathology studies demonstrated that lung was the organ most affected.