Analysis of F response in upper motoneurone lesions.

Acta neurologica Scandinavica

PubMedID: 2281750

Fierro B, Raimondo D, Modica A. Analysis of F response in upper motoneurone lesions. Acta Neurol Scand. 1990;82(5):329-34.
The F response can provide a measure of motoneurone excitability (MNE) and so it may be used to investigate upper motoneurone disorders. This report studies the F-wave configuration in patients with stroke to evaluate the changes of the central excitability of the motoneurones at different times after an acute cerebral insult. Various parameters of the F response, including amplitude (absolute and F%/M), duration, and persistence have been determined in 26 patients with unilateral hemiplegia and in 32 healthy subjects of both sexes in the same age range. The investigation was carried out applying a series of 20 supramaximal stimuli at 0.5 Hz on tibial and ulnar nerves bilaterally. In all patients a detailed clinical examination and a CT scan were performed. Our results indicate that an initial stage of reduced spinal motoneuron excitability evidenced by a decreased F amplitude and persistence was present in the early phases after a stroke, followed within 90 days by an enhanced MNE. Moreover, F-wave amplitude shows a positive correlation with weakness and increased tone.