[Characteristics of herpes genitalis in university women].

Revista medica de Chile

PubMedID: 1668822

Suárez M, Briones H, Alarcón G, Aliaga P, Del Solar E, Grunberg A, de Diego S. [Characteristics of herpes genitalis in university women]. Rev Med Chil. 1991;119(4):418-22.
We analyzed 33 patients with herpes genitalis diagnosed at a student medical outpatient facility. 42% corresponded to a first herpetic infection. The HSV-1 was present in 43% of cases, the HSV-2 in the rest. Recurrence of infection was present in 39.5% of patients, 70% of them due to HSV-2. There was a relatively high rate of asymptomatic couples who were the source of primary herpetic infection.