Hair loss in children and adolescents.

Journal of pediatric health care : official publication of National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates & Practitioners

PubMedID: 1919999

Clore ER, Corey A. Hair loss in children and adolescents. J Pediatr Health Care. 1991;5(5):245-50.
No other body system is more exposed to the public eye than the skin and the hair. Pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) frequently encounter patients in their practice settings with the complaint of "hair loss." The most often diagnosed causes of hair loss include tinea capitis, alopecia areata, traction alopecia, and trichotillomania. This article defines these conditions, explores the causes for them, and describes the incidences. Emphasis is placed on the PNP's role on making a differential diagnosis based on the presenting clinical manifestations, patient history, and laboratory testing. Treatment for these conditions as well as nursing goals and PNP interventions for management and family education also are discussed.