Population genetics of freshwater snails.

Trends in ecology & evolution (Personal edition)

PubMedID: 21232516

Jarne P, Delay B. Population genetics of freshwater snails. Trends Ecol Evol (Amst). 1991;6(12):383-6.
Freshwater snails have attracted the attention of biologists for a long time, because they are intermediate hosts of schistosomes, agents of bilharziases. However, population-genetic studies of freshwater snails have been undertaken only during the past decade, covering topics such as the relative roles of genetic drift and gene flow in subdivided populations and the roles of extinction and recolonization events in determining population structure. Other studies in freshwater snails have investigated the maintenance of sex and the evolution of selling, widening a debate restricted mainly to plant populations. The possible role of parasites in freshwater-snail population genetics has also been investigated.