Patient selection and appliance design in intra-oral models.

Journal of dental research

PubMedID: 1592984

ten Cate JM. Patient selection and appliance design in intra-oral models. J Dent Res. 1992;71 Spec No908-10.
The conclusions derived from in situ studies are influenced by the choices made with respect to parameters of the intra-oral model systems. In an attempt to reach a consensus, this paper considers the variables (a) selection of panelists and (b) appliance design. On both topics, a short review of available systems is given. The objectives of the intra-oral study may vary from the determination of oral physiological parameters to assessment of the effects of caries-preventive treatments. This objective is a factor influencing the choice of experimental conditions. Recommendations for panelist selection and appliance design are given for different types of studies. It is concluded that relatively little information is available about the effects of individual parameters on the performance of a model. Therefore, for an assessment of caries-preventive effectiveness, an intra-oral model should be validated against clinical trials. In addition, conditions should be chosen such as to limit the degree of artificiality of the model.