Outcomes of elderly burn patients requiring hospitalization.

The aging male : the official journal of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male

PubMedID: 24844632

Simsek ME, Ozgenel GY, Kahveci R, Akin S, Ozbek S, Tufan F. Outcomes of elderly burn patients requiring hospitalization. Aging Male. 2014;1-3.
Abstract Background: The elderly population is more likely to be affected by accidents, such as burns, compared to younger populations because of their diminished host defense. There is limited data about the outcomes of elderly burn patients requiring hospitalization. Methods: In this retrospective study, we assessed the epidemiology and outcomes of burn injuries in elderly patients (>60 years old) admitted to a burn unit of a tertiary medical center based on patient characteristics, type and extent of burns, treatment, hospital stay and mortality rates. Results: Forty-eight elderly burn patients among 870 burn patients during the study period were evaluated. Fire was the most common cause of burns (77.1%). Most of the burns involved more than 20% of total body surface area. Twenty-six (54.2%) patients died during hospitalization. Although burn surface area slightly and non-significantly increased in patients over 75 years, there was a significantly increased mortality rate in these patients. Multivariate linear regression analysis revealed burn area and age as independent associates of mortality. Conclusion: Our data show a high mortality rate in elderly burn patients. Extensive burns and increased age seem to increase the mortality risk.