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Histoire des sciences medicales

PubMedID: 24908790

Pardon-Labonnelie M. [In Process Citation]. Hist Sci Med. 2014;48(1):107-24.
The development of the inventory and synthetic study of collyrium stamps, commonly known as "oculist's stamps", includes the physico-chemical analysis of rare stamped collyrium's remains. The fragments of collyrium which were discovered in a tomb of Morlungo (Veneto) are all the more remarkable as the remedy's name stamped on two of them remains enigmatic at the moment and because of the association in a funerary context with an-other thirty-five finds. More specifically, they were discovered near surgical bronze instruments, a large amount of amber, a portable sundial and a seal box. Recent archaeological, textual and technological data thus make the study of the remains of collyriums of Morlungo particularly interesting for the history of medicine.