Lung cancer developing from tracheal bronchus.

Asian cardiovascular & thoracic annals

PubMedID: 24948782

Sezen CB, Celik A, Fazlioglu M, Memis L, Tastepe AI. Lung cancer developing from tracheal bronchus. Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann. 2014;.
Tracheal bronchus is a rare congenital anomaly of the bronchial tree, in which an aberrant bronchus originates in the trachea anywhere above the carina, but usually within 2?cm of it. Lung neoplasms that develop from tracheal bronchus have been identified only rarely. We present a case of tracheal bronchus that included a malignancy of the affected right upper lobe. The post-surgical histological stage was T4N0M0 stage IIIA. The patient was in good condition 24 months after the operation, and there was no evidence of recurrence. Before 2012, 14 cases of lung cancer that developed from tracheal bronchus had been reported.