Natural products containing 'decalin' motif in microorganisms.

Natural product reports

PubMedID: 24984916

Li G, Kusari S, Spiteller M. Natural products containing 'decalin' motif in microorganisms. Nat Prod Rep. 2014;.
Covering: up to February 2014Microorganisms are well-known producers of a wide variety of bioactive compounds that are utilized not only for their primary metabolism but also for other purposes such as defense, detoxification, or communication with other micro- and macro-organisms. Natural products containing a 'decalin ring' occur often in microorganisms. They exhibit diverse and remarkable biological activities, including antifungal, antibacterial, anticancer and immunosuppressive activities, to name a few. This review surveys the natural decalin-type compounds that have been isolated from microorganisms, with emphasis on both chemical and biological implications. Total syntheses of some important decalin moiety-containing natural products are also highlighted.