Hormonal prevention of breast cancer.

Annales d'endocrinologie

PubMedID: 24997772

Thomin A, Friszer S, Fajac A, Daraï E, Chabbert-Buffet N. Hormonal prevention of breast cancer. Ann Endocrinol (Paris). 2014;.
Breast cancer prevention can be provided by using SERMs or aromatase inhibitors depending on the ovarian status, with a global risk reduction of 50 to 60%. Prophylactic annexectomy offered to reduce ovarian risk in BRCA mutation carriers also lowers breast cancer risk by 50%. Main side effects include deep vein thrombosis for SERMs, hot flushes and joint pain (although less frequently than initially suspected) with aromatase inhibitors. Other strategies based on progesterone, insulin or prolactin signaling modulation may be offered in the future. Criteria for candidate selection remain to be established.