First European data from the network of severe allergic reactions (NORA).


PubMedID: 24989080

Worm M, Moneret-Vautrin A, Scherer K, Lang R, Fernandez-Rivas M, Cardona V, Kowalski M, Jutel M, Poziomkowska-Gesicka I, Papadopoulos N, Beyer K, Mustakov T, Christoff G, Bilò M, Muraro A, Hourihane J, Grabenhenrich L. First European data from the network of severe allergic reactions (NORA). Allergy. 2014;.
Occurrence, elicitors and treatment of severe allergic reactions are recognised and reported differently between countries. We aimed to collect standardised data throughout Europe on anaphylaxis referred for diagnosis and counselling.

Tertiary allergy, dermatology and paediatric units in 10 European countries took part in this pilot phase of the first European Anaphylaxis Registry, from June 2011 to March 2014. An online questionnaire was used to collect data on severe allergic reactions based on the medical history and diagnostics.

59 centres reported 3,333 cases of anaphylaxis, with 26.7% below 18 years of age. Allergic reactions were mainly caused by food (children/adults 64.9%/20.2%) and insect venom (20.2%/48.2%), and less often by drugs (4.8%/22.4%). Most reactions occurred within 30 minutes of exposure (80.5%), a delay of 4+ hours was mainly seen in drug anaphylaxis (6.7%). Symptom patterns differed by elicitor, with the skin being affected most often (84.1%). A previous, usually milder reaction to the same allergen was reported by 34.2%. The mainstay of first line treatment by professionals included corticoids (60.4%) and antihistamines (52.8%). Only 13.7% of lay- or self-treated reactions to food and 27.6% of insect anaphylaxis received on-site adrenaline.

This pilot phase of a pan-European registry for severe allergic reactions provides for the first time data on anaphylaxis throughout Europe, demonstrates its potential functionality and allows a comparison of symptom patterns, elicitors, and treatment habits between referral centres and countries. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.