[Environmental characterization and exposure evaluation].

Epidemiologia e prevenzione

PubMedID: 24986502

Beccaloni E, Cicero MR, Falleni F, Piccardi A, Scaini F, Soggiu ME, Vanni F, Carere M. [Environmental characterization and exposure evaluation]. Epidemiol Prev. 2014;38(2 Suppl 1):137-43.
As certified by the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure assessment represents a key stage in epidemiological studies that aim to evaluate health risks linked to contaminated sites. The assessment procedure is contingent on the availability of data relating to environmental and food compartments and on any other available scientific evidence, such as data on toxicity and human biomonitoring. This chapter outlines the procedure that should be adopted in order to conduct an accurate exposure assessment and presents three case studies involving different types of contaminated sites where this approach was applied.